<aside> 🌊 Welcome fellow SeaHorse! Your SeaHorse doubles as your Atlantis membership card. Be part of a community without borders & enjoy experiences in our virtual lands. From virtual shopping over entertainment to immersive education courses, be part of a club that matches your lifestyle and values!


Join our ecosystem!

Join the SeaHorseArmy | 777 Sold Out Discord Server!

Imagine a world where you can be in the middle of the ocean.

<aside> ✅ Your SeaHorse provides access to events in our underwater nightclub and special offers in our shops. We already secured partnerships with Djs and Dancers that are waiting to work with us - the experience will be immersive.



Meet The Team

We want to use the initial funds to increase the long-term value of the NFT and kickstart our ventures.

About Us

Team Mission

Team Objectives

Our Goals

Exceptionally & Rare SeaHorses

Legendary for their agility, intelligence, and courage, Seahorses have ruled Atlantis since the time of the Mammoths





In 2022, a glitch brought 7777 SeaHorses back to life to rule the metaverse!


Virtual Land & Real-Estate


Access the Atlantis Club

Enjoy exclusive invites to curated cultural events including exhibition opening, live music concerts, and wellness sessions.

Membership Tiers




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